Brutalmania io game is perfect fighting fun online. Advanced gameplay with a lot of very pleasant surprises will make you enjoy Brutal Mania io game.
Fight in the arena, swinging a mace, an ax or a sword to crush the enemy. Earn coins and experience to become the most powerful and hardy fighter. You can distribute wealth at your discretion. The received coins should be used for character development. You can turn money into experience. Also for coins you can improve the weapon and endurance of the character.

Brutalmania double

How to play

In the process of the game you will get a lot of bonuses for your combat achievements. Do not ignore the flashing blue cup. It's signal about your reward. Each achievement will bring you additional income.

Coins in Brutalmania io game are very important. With each new level, the price of the upgrade will increase. So do not miss any opportunity to earn additional capital. All your courageous actions in the arena will be generously rewarded.

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About game

Under the Update button you will be able to improve your weapons and fighting characteristics of the character. As the level increases, the stock of life and power of your warrior increases. Unlocked weapons have different characteristics. The ratio of force and attack speed varies. So you can choose which one suits you best. Not always a high-level sword will be better for you than any previous type of weapon.

In the game Brutalmania you can develop your character and keep the result achieved. You do not have to start over from the beginning when you come back to the game next time.

Brutalmania penta

Become the highest master.

Make six and you will see this six kills

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Militant music and original combat voice acting will help you immerse yourself in the world of exciting game battles.
Move around the arena and wreck everyone around. But at the same time watch out for the supply of vital forces. If the force is running out, then it will be better for you to retreat. Energy can be replenished by collecting red spots on the site of fallen soldiers. Note that when you collect red circles, the line with the inscription "Level" is gradually filled. After filling you go to a new level of vital power. The higher it level, the greater the supply of vital forces. Accordingly, you can get a lot of damage in combat and still survive.
Good luck! Enjoy Brutalmania entartaiment.

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