Brutalmania io

Welcome to the updated Brutalmania io battle. Enjoy new cool skins and more powerful weapons. Like before, smash everyone who is on your way. Evolve and make money for upgrades. Join game or come back for new entertainment.

The simplest and fairest gaming trick is right screen resolution. For an extended view, it's better to play in 4: 3 format, as on this page.
Of course, you can go to 16:9 or play your favorite unblocked in Full Screen!

Brutalmania io max forging
Brutalmania io new evolution

Tips and fair hacks.

There are some tips about how to play and evolve better in Brutalmania io game. But, of course, anyone can chose your own way.
- First of all, unlock new skins to add some health - each new level gives you +50.
- Don't forget to forge weapon mastery to significantly increase your power. Once you forge you get +1 to attack power with any weapon.
Then choose what to upgrade on your own - increase level or buy weapon.
- One level of general evolution is +5 health points.
- Try all types of weapons to understand what is the best for you - fast, powerful, long. There are a lot of different combinations. For example, for me, the best weapon in Brutalmania io battle is katana - huge 1050 speed plus excellent length. 250 of power you can easily increase by forging and become the king of Brutalmania.

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