Chompers io

Chompers io game is new fun from our favorite developer of such cool games as Brutalmania and Minigiants. Very colorful and funny graphics in will help you relax and have great satisfaction. Eat sweets to grow the biggest monster and destroy competitors to lead glutton championship.

This game is very similar to the battle of mini giants in the structure of game process and, at the same time, has rich character evolution system like in brutalmania io game.

Chompers io
Chompers io evolution

How to play

Earn coins and precious stones to open access to all skins, accessories and weapons. Give your character the most awesome and unique look. Move to eat more delicacies and evolve into a huge monster with a long sword.

Please note that in Chompers io, the length of the weapon and the size of your unsatisfied devourer will not be able to protect you from an attack from behind. In addition, one hit is enough to defeat the most titled opponent. Therefore, always face the enemy and try to strike first. In this component, Chompers battle is similar to Evowars io game - one more popular game in this series.


Use the cursor to indicate the direction of movement.
LMB - hit an opponent or a bug.
RMB - speed up