is new battle of giants in the style of brutalmania but with new gameplay features. In the game Mini giants io, you can get and improve equipment of your warrior. For this collect loot and coins from chests.

The most valuable are the legendary items. It worth to spend coins to upgrade only top level armor and weapon. You will receive coins from chests and by selling components that you don't need.
Minigiants io game

How to play

Earn experience to gain access to all possible characters in the game Try the capabilities of each warrior and select the type that suits you best. All fighters have their strengths and weaknesses. That is why primary importance is the level and upgrade of weapons and armor. Don't forget about high-quality jewelry. Note, the same outfit can be used on all your heroes. It is enough just to change clothes to experience in battle a new Mini giant.
Character moves by mouse
LMB to fight.
RMB to speed up.
Small characters have an advantage in speed. Use this to avoid encounters with big ones.

Mini Giants io game