Yohoho io

Yohoho io game is a cool online melee fight arena with the addition of Battle Royale rules. In the game Yohoho.io pirates fight for survival and for gold. The more coins you collect during the round, the bigger your character becomes. Big size gives a clear advantage in battle and significantly increases your chances of winning the round.

According to the laws of Battle Royal wins the last surviving pirate, and the territory of the island gradually decreases.

Yohoho io
Yo ho ho io

How to play

Yohoho io game surprise you with a lot of funny skins that you can buy for gold coins. Look for coins in chests and take away from fallen rivals. The more expensive skin, the greater strength of your character. But, depending on characters level, battle takes place on three different islands. Therefore, noobies will not compete in the same arena with top players.
Nice graphic and easy control make the game very comfortable and interesting combination of ideas make gameplay as attractive as possible.